Artist’s Statement

Art has been my constant companion, for as long as I can remember.  As a little girl growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, I created an on going visual diary. During high school years, I rode on the public bus for hours to take classes at the Minneapolis Art Institute.  Our class would often take our canvases outdoors and sit on the curb doing paintings of the street scenes.  My dream of going to art college came true when I was accepted at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.  To say that New York was a major change from the Twin Cities, would be an understatement.  Between classes and visits to galleries and museums, my life expanded in many directions.

In our junior year, my college sweetheart Tom and I eloped in his MGTD.  After graduation, we moved to Connecticut, then into Manhattan where I worked for a design studio, designing printed fabrics and wall paper, while Tom designed architectural lighting.

Urban life eventually wore thin, and we moved to rural Vermont with our then three year old son, Michael. Tom and I still live in our old farm house with our dog and cats.  My life long love of color and design continues through my work creating decorative tiles and murals, as well as doing interior design and fine art.  Love of nature inspires my life and my art.

 Bonnie Willis

Bobbi Perez, freelance reporter from Burlington, Vermont  wrote the following  description of my work:               

"Vermont artist Bonnie Willis brings her favorite wild flowers, birds, and farm
scenes indoors with her vividly painted and fired tiles and murals.  In her 1820 farm house studio, on a variety of tiled surfaces, a tabby cat lounges on a paisley print cushion, a black and white feline poses, Matisse like, in front of checked kitchen curtains, roosters strut in a barnyard,  mother and yellow baby ducks swim in a pond, while spotted cows graze in a wildflower meadow.

From one inch porcelain cabinet knobs to wall size tile murals, Bonnie feels that “Painting is a diary of everything I love”.  Choosing to work in a medium which combines function, as well as visual pleasure, Bonnie able to convey a sense of playfulness and joy of living amid every day life."