Here is a sampling of my custom work.  The murals can either be framed or set permanently in the wall.  Matching plain tiles are available. Often I do some related individual tiles carrying out the theme of the mural, to be set in amid the plain tile.  Another option is to create a main mural, and then do one or more smaller related murals for another space in the same room. Knobs can be ordered to coordinate with all of my tile projects, or to pick up motifs from wall paper or fabrics.

The first steps involved in a custom project are to discuss ideas, followed by creation of a design sketch.  There is a fee for this which I will discuss with you ahead of time.  If you have any changes I will make note and modify the design.  At this point a 50% deposit is due,   The time for completion is usually 6-8 weeks on average.  When finished, you will be notified and I can send a photo of the work.  On receipt of the balance your order will be shipped.  Pricing varies depending on the subject, complexity and size of mural.  Average prices range from $200-$300 a square foot.

It is possible to work from a distance, so long as you send a dimensioned drawing, and if possible, photos of the space.  You will receive a detailed layout, and tiles marked on the back, for installation.

Some of the custom murals I have done include flower and herb gardens, landscapes (real or imagined), even scenes of Tuscany and Provence.  I am open to your ideas and suggestions.

Click on the pictures below to see larger pictures of some of my projects:

Flower Basket
Flower Basket 2
Flower Garden
Field Flowers
Farmscape 2